“My work is a concrete reflection of women who aim to shine, a little something that can make a woman both confident and gleaming.”


As a young contemporary woman designing for women, MARIANE BECHARA perfectly blends elegance and glamor with a timeless mystery.

After completing her Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing in Beirut and pursuing a fashion design degree in Milan, the Lebanese-born designer began her fruitful journey with a series of diaphanous gowns that she wore herself – a dream that has translated into the reflection of her vision of the modern woman.

Being a firm believer that education and experience go hand in hand together, the designer nurtured her creativity for fashion design by undertaking a series of internships in several luxury couture houses.

A new chapter in her book of style began after that, as she launched her eponymous couture brand in 2017, channeling timeless and unique designs fit for the contemporary woman. Gaining her huge momentum, MARIANE BECHARA’s designs breathe inspiration into the region’s most elitist fashion scene – and beyond – reflecting her distinctive touch and sophisticated aesthetic.

MARIANE BECHARA now caters to both a regional and international scene, attracting a wide celebrity following with Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear delicacies.